“Changing Lanes” by Leaona Luxx

Love follows no rules, it comes with no prejudices.  Love comes how it wants to, whether it fits society’s mold or not.  Love determines for itself where to settle.

There are books that you fall in love with.  There are books that simply amaze you.  Then there are books that give you bone defying chills while reading it–leaving you with a depth that simply leaves you in ——WOW.

I have read a lot of books and Changing Lanes has grew to be in my top 10 favorites of all times.  This story touched me in a way that I didn’t see coming, if I am honest.  Reading the blurb I knew it would be great but I just didn’t know how great.

Changing Lanes is breathtaking and heartbreaking all at the same time. How can a story be both you say???  By having a touching story that draws deep into the heart that’s how.  This book will definitely have you feeling like you are on one of the wildest rides of your life constantly “changing lanes” never seeing what’s coming.  Leaona definitely has your heart stopping at times and constantly never knowing what’s coming next.

“There’s gonna come a time when you’ll have to decide between the love you have and the love you want.  I just hope I’m here in the end.”

This book starts off with them in college.  Brannon O’Hurley is 18 and just starting college with a full ride scholarship to Virginia Tech hoping to major in engineering.  Brannon wants to just simply focus on school and get that engineer degree so he can go back home and put it to use and make his family’s farm everything his father and mother have ever wanted…he needs no distractions but on his first day–he gets just that–

Torrie Harrington is studying business at Virginia Tech hoping to one day take over in her father’s place as CEO of their family company.  But we learn really quick just how much of an asswipe her dad is.  My heart broke for how Torrie was treated because in the end all she has ever wanted from her family is to be loved and have their approval–mostly her father’s.

When these two meet on that first day–it was instant attraction.  A longing neither have ever had with another being.  The pull they had to each other was spellbounding– chemistry out of this world.  After beginning a relationship together they fall more and more…feelings growing more and more deep for each other.  They make plans to visit their families for the holidays but they soon realize that there are people out to make them unhappy.  Her Father is furious and makes it quiet obvious just how upset with this relationship he is so lies are told—-hearts are broken—trust is broken–hearts turn cold—walls are built.

Leaning closer, I drive my point home.   “I’ll be damned because you refuse to see me. I’ll be damned because you will never give me the opportunity to be forgiven.  I’ll be damned because my entire being burns to touch you, hold you, love you.  Yes, Torrie, I’ll be damned forever.”

10 years later fate decides for these two–and their lives are brought back together when her Father’s company has a project coming up.  Torrie and Brannon are brought face to face to the impending lies that where told and are faced with having to try to work through one of the biggest problems they will ever face.  They fight like you have never seen before and your heart will break for them.  You will want to do everything in your power to help mend their hearts back together after being so damaged—but sometimes there is too much damage and repair is no where in sight.  Words are said–emotions are shown and will have you fighting along with them for what we all want for them—for them to find their way back to each other.

“No one should ever judge how someone else finds love.  No matter the age, the person or the social acceptance.  LOVE IS LOVE.

Leaona will have you on the edge of your seat in her latest novel. This book tore my heart into.  Made me laugh.  Made me want to throw my damn kindle against the wall.  She brought forth a novel that was exceptionally well developed. Both the first and secondary characters where developed and I felt pulled to them all.  She gives us insight in just how badly people, whom have a high social status, can impact a person.  How they can damage her person.  People are cruel and it takes hearts like Brannon and Torrie to see that just because you are impacted by these people who can’t come out on top.  Incredible novel written by an increbile author.  This book will leave a huge impact on your heart.

It’s a novel that you will always remember.





“Going Down Hard” by Carly Phillips

I must say this book was PHENOMENAL.  I say this with each book by Carly but this one….took the icing on the cake.

Derek’s hate passion he has for Cassie Storms has been a thorn in his side for years.  Her family was the epitome of the word “snob” and because Cassie wanted to try to just “fit in”– young and naïve that her friends are her true friends–she all to realizes that it costed her something major–Derek.

Both Cassie and Derek take off for college days after everything went to hell not realizing more lies and deceit would soon come face to face with them years later when their worlds have changed completely.

Derek is no longer the maid and gardner’s son– he is a CEO.  He is cold towards people people he was lied to so much and by somone he strongly cared for.  He grew walls around everyone except those closest to him and Cassie—where to begin– her family has grown so cold and so many lies where told she doesn’t know what to believe but she wants one thing and that’s her father’s company–to keep it running the way it was suppose to but her brother has become the golden child when he has never worked a day in his life–still getting everything handed to him on a silver platter– but Cassie is need of help–Majorly and she must come face to face with the one man she thought she never would see again.  Can he forgive her for what she did to him years ago even if it crushed her heart by her own actions and her not meaning anything by it???

Going Down Hard is the story for everyone.  This story brings forth so many things that people are faced with today– kids saying hurtful things to others.  People lieing to others all because of a social status.  People getting hurt.  Dreams being crushed and dreams being born.  This story will have you crying for the relationships lost and the things said.  Will have you swooning with love… have you laughing so hard at the banter between these two and will have your heart melting at the love shown by two people who thought love was lost.

Carly, when she writes, is  POWERFUL–AMAZING–PHENOMENAL–EXTROIDIONARLY AWESOME.  The creativity but yet real life stories that are brought to life by you is always a blessing.  We get fire passion and deep love in each and every story.  I feel as I am always seeing it played out before me gripping me by the heart strings.  Her stories are heart gripping and panty melting and “Going Down Hard” is the best yet.  It definitely went down hard in the books of most amazing story.



“Don’t Speak” by Katy Regnery


Brilliant is what this was.  Brilliance is what is developed more and more through the pages of this book.

Re-tellings of fairytales are extremely risky– because that person is taking such a perfectly made story–one that was very much loved and “tweaking it-making it their own.”  So  in this case this story gets molded into something new.  This brings us to the realization that this could turn into an utter disaster but having read not one but two now, fairytales by Katy — I am amazed–awe struck at the powerful way she made something once loved by millions “EVEN BETTER.”  She is pure genius– A TRUE MASTER AT HER CRAFT.




Lair Cornish is young but represents soo many young women today, who can’t afford to have big dreams but will strive to do whatever they can to try to make those dreams happen regardless.  She perseveres by sheer will and hope that things can maybe for once, happen for her–like her mother.  Laire loses her mother at a very young age– so young in fact she hardly remembers anything about her but she knows one thing and that is her mother made a way to succeed her dream so she will to.  She was raised to not take anything for granted and to work hard at everything–this just only makes the fight in her more strong.  Laire has big dreams and she won’t let anyone try to deflect her mindset and this is how she catches  the eye of the Governor’s Son–Erik Rexford.  Erik finds himself as he gets older pushed into a direction he never wanted and wishing that things could be different for him than the strict way of living he once thought was just a norm.  Laire is unique and Erik finds himself more and more drawn to her.  He tries to help her but her stubbornness in not seeking out any help just pulls him more to her –making him want her and things he never once thought he would want.

These two find themselves thrown in a whirlwind of a summer romance where their hearts feel as they are beating as one until one day simply changes everything.  Lies are told and hearts are broken.  Fate seems to throw them together again years later but now the depth of the lies and secrets may have already done more damage than can be repairable but maybe since their love never died –it might be the only thing that can also save them.

Through the pages of this second chance love story– you will cry. You will laugh.  You will swoon.  You will also want to throw the book or e-reader against the wall and your panties will melt with the intensity of heat these two bring forth in their chemistry— all while these two take you on an incredible heartfelt story.

My heart soured for these two but it also broke for them.

Don’t Speak will steal your breath- your heart- your soul.  It will remind you that hope is there….to never give up on things that matter like your dreams for your future….it also shows us how love always PREVAILS in the end.

I never doubt a Katy Regnery novel.  I’m always left breathless and lighter in my heart.  I always am left in “awe” after reading her novels and they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LEAVE AN IMPRINT ON MY HEART.



“Full Package” by Lauren Blakely

“Life is smooth sailing………

Until I find myself stuck between a rock and a sexy roommate, which makes for one very hard…place.”

OMG .. the banter-the teasing- the innuendos between Josie and Chase= PURE BLAKELY BRILLIANCE once again.

I have to say Blakely knows just the right ingredients to make one deliciously sweet and spicy sexy read—–WHHEW.  You will swoon and fan yourself so many times during this book from the very first page.

Josie and Chase have been friends for years.  Not only is Chase Josie’s brother’s best friend, he is her best friend also and when the facts of living in New York come crashing down on them both they find themselves helping each other out.  Josie needs a roommate and Chase needs a place to stay so what could go wrong when best friends live together??  Nothing right?????  OH NO that’s simply not the case for these two……especially after one night simply changes it all.

“God, you smell good,”  I growl.  “Do you have any idea what it’s like having you as a roommate when you go around smelling like that?”

Josie and Chase have fought their attraction for years not wanting to chance ruining their friendship but these two find themselves in many hot and conflicting situations once living together and waters are tested and controls are snapped.

As they give into the pleasures they can’t refuse any longer emotions are tested and these two find themselves fighting more than a battle of hot attraction– of lust–

“Dumb organ.  I need to remember that the hearts purpose is to pump blood, a body fluid that ferries nutrients and oxygen to cells.  It’s goal isn’t to make me feel light headed and dopily dizzy around her.”

This is definitely a full package–packed with humor, fun, angst, romance, drama, baked goods, camaraderie, and even some hot sexy doctor– Blakely delivers yet again, a remarkable and amazing story.  Told from an all male POV this is by far my most favorite of her Male POV story lines.  She is a genius when it comes to speaking the minds of a male making it both sexy and entertaining. Delicious friends to romance book that delivers just the right amount of sweet to melt in your mouth and enough spice to make those panties melt.  Get Full Package today.

A BRILLIANT 5 STAR READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“Set Me Free” by M R Leahy Review

                                             “The happiest place used to be home.”

                                                      “Now what is it?” he asks

                           “YOU.” I whisper, a blush creeping into my cheeks.

Adoration shines in his eyes.

“Then when you are in your trainings and need to escape, go to your happy place.  I will always be there waiting.”

Ever read a book and literally have no words?????  I truly don’t think I can do this book justice by my words but I will do my best.  This is one of the most intense but yet moving books I have read and to think this is Megan’s debut is just mind boggling.  After reading the first few pages you will totally understand what I am saying.  No way you will think she has never wrote a book before until now.  By far one of the most exciting and upcoming Authors in the book world.

First off this book is an extremely dark read.  So if dark reads are not your idea then STOP HERE!!!!!!!!!  GO NO FARTHER!!!

Emmalyn was torn from the only home she has ever known by her mother and taken to a secluded, very remote and highly guarded compound where she, along with many others including Kodah, are being groomed to be the best sex slaves in the trade, which is ran by Emmy’s stepfather Marx Nixon-who is the ringleader of the sex trade establishment.  Kodah and Emmalyn meet at a very young age when they are roomed together.  To say Marx has plans for Emmy is an understatement.  Her being the ringleader’s daughter she is held at a higher standard than everyone else-after all if he is willing to do this to his own stepdaughter–it just goes to show what a sick and twisted man he is and what he will go to for power.

“It’s sick and twisted, but it’s also raw and true.  We both have battle scars that will stay with us forever but if we make it out of this, that’s just what we will have–FOREVER.”

Life for Kodah is nothing anymore.  He literally has nothing to live for.  After being imprisoned since the young age of 8 and beaten to death every day – it has turned him into a very hot headed angry man– UNTIL EMMY.

Over the next 6 years he becomes her protector and she becomes something he wants to live for.  He knows being around the ringleader’s daughter is a disaster waiting to happen and could very well cause more pain and suffering for Em, but he can’t stay away.  He is pulled to her and when she stirs emotions and things in him that he thought where long ago dealt with-eradicated- it wakes something in him that he didn’t know he had–A HEART!!

“The sooner you succumb to the reality of it all, the sooner the pain will end, and the numbness that takes over will become your savior.”

These two over the span of the next 6 years are pulled and tugged in so many directions.  Emotions are twisted and fear sets in when Emmy turns 16 and Marx takes steps into motion earlier and the fear of losing Emmy is the breaking point for Kodah.  He succumbs to doing whatever he has to protect her even if it costs him everything he has ever wanted.

Megan gives you twists and turns with SMF at every turn–just when you think something is going to go one way–BAM MAJOR TURN AROUND/Twist.  This book will have leave you raw and torn.  Will give you a sense of reality that this is something that happens every day in the world and the details that she discloses along the pages will have you wanting to twist everyone’s head off that’s involved.  How can someone do that to a child you ask??  I don’t know either but MR Leahy sure gives you a true idea of what’s it like in Kodah and Emmy’s shoes.  Your heart will break for these two–and your mother bear instincts will kick in wanting to just hold them and tell them everything is going to be okay.  MR Leahy is an incredible up and rising star.  She is definitely an author I’m looking forward to read more from in the future and I know will go far with her writing career.  True talent at it’s best right here.  This book was one of the hardest books I have ever read but yet one of the most rewarding.

“I’m going to get us out of here, Emmy and when I do, I’m going to keep you.”  Kodah

This is a 5 star MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“Southern Desire” by Kaylee Ryan Review

“Promise me you will open your heart.  Find him, the one who flips your world upside down, and let him love you.”  Her voice is barely a whisper

When we think of life we think of the right this moment kind of scenarios– the house,  the car and so on–We tend to think more on materialistic things and less on what we for our futures.  No one is promised tomorrow and we see this in Southern Desire first hand with Whitney’s mom- and cancer.  In all reality we need to think more on the future side of things and what truly makes us happy–materialistic things come and go but true love doesn’t.

After losing her mom, Whitney becomes more reserved–looking at things more full than before.  She wants the happily ever after and she knows living where she is, is not the answer and decides to move closer to the only family she has left–her aunt and uncle in Kentucky.  She sets off on a path to find herself and move on but life tends to throw people off their balance at times and when we least expect it–this is what happens when she meets Aaron.

“I thought I would never find this.  Find someone who loves me as much as she did.  She was all I had.”

“Not anymore.”  I say, holding her a little tighter.

Aaron helps run his family ranch and has it all except one thing- true love.  He sees it with his parents.  With his sister and brother-n-law.  Even his friends.  He wants that.  He wants the happily ever after.  Wife and house with a picket fence with tons of kids but vows to not push it and that she will come in time.  He sometimes feels it may never happen as his past with women isn’t grand but decides to focus on his family ranch and spending time with his family.  He loves his family and is probably by far the best uncle ever to grace the planet.  No joke– he could get uncle of the year no doubt.  Everything seems to change for him the moment he lays eyes on Whitney- his sister’s new  employee at her studio.

As Aaron sees more and more of Whitney there is something about her the draws him in.  He feels connected and there is a pull with them that he can’t shake.  Every time she has a bad day it tears at his heart strings so he vows to be the one that puts the smile back on her face but doesn’t realize that the more he spends with this mysterious woman the more he finds he can’t stay away–until one secret is revealed and what they have is now on the rocks of being destroyed.

“Life is not without pain and sorrow, but it’s the pieces in between that we have to hold on to.”

Aaron and Whitney have a chemistry that sizzles to no end but there is more to these two.  They have a rareness you don’t see often and it will melt your heart when you read just how devoted of a man Aaron is to not only his family but to Whitney (even when they just meet).  Aaron is a rare gem that you don’t find often in the male race and he will steal your heart right at the beginning.  When he loves he loves hard.

Kaylee always writes with a passion that leaves an impact on you.  She always creates stories that will show you how people feel and what they go through in the real world but with a love story that has you feeling deep.  I am never disappointed in a book by Kaylee and Southern Desire is by far an incredible story with a depth that will leave you feeling for days.  The characters in SD where extremely developed and the realness to the story was incredible.

A 5 star read!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Love Me Like That” by Marie James Review

“Knowing I will never have what I once did is the catalyst for being in this cabin.”

Have you ever lost a loved one?  Hits you write in the heart hard and leaves you broken inside but losing the love of your life??? Can you imagine?  I can’t.  When I love I love hard and this is how Kadin Cole is.  He has loved one girl his entire life then she is gone and he is left completely broken–shattered–to a point he just doesn’t want to be anymore.

Being depressed is a serious illness and there are many many reasons that can cause one to fall in depression.  It effects so many now days and should be a thing we pay attention to to those around us–so that maybe just maybe we might can make a difference in their lives.

“You think it’s time for me to let her go?”—— “I’m not saying let her go Kadin, I’m telling you it’s time to start moving on.  You won’t heal until you do.”

Kadin Cole is a good man.  He has recently lost the love of his life and has gone to the waste side–throwing his life away by whiskey drink after whiskey drink.  He doesn’t care anymore and finally the Board of his company pushes–giving him an ultimatum.  Go on vacation and find yourself or lose it all.  But Kadin has a plan to not come back once he is at his cabin.  He sets his plan in motion so once it’s all done –it’s done.

London Skyes has been through it all.  Tragic past to have the love of her life be her savior at the worse of her days all to be the very one that destroys her and breaks her.  It took London years to get over what Brian did to her and Trent was her Savior–the one the mended her–healed her but all that comes to crashing halt one day and destroys her the rest of the way.  So she takes off and drives–drives–drives– no stop in mind just get away.  Get out of the state.  Far away.  She ends up crashing in a ditch thanks to an Elk in the middle of the road in none other than a snow storm.  She then looks up into the most intense brown eyes she has ever seen not knowing that her life is about to change forever.

All Kadin needs is a house guest to ruin everything and one night when emotions are high everything changes.  Kadin soon sees London in a way that is even confusing to him–he sees he doesn’t just want her–HE NEEDS HER!!  These two have so many demons to face with their pasts and when they collide they combust.

The most alarming thing about this entire situation is that although the sex is out of this world amazing, it’s the embrace after the orgasm that causes the wildest beating of my heart.


“Never doubt that this is right where I want to be,” I whisper against her ear

These two don’t even realize how strong their connection is.  They fight.  They bond. They discover. They feel. They embrace.  These two not only soon face their pasts colliding but also face current problems that will test their relationship even more–making them wonder can this even be??

Marie James is by far one of the most developed writers I have ever read.  Her stories are more than a story–the emotions you feel are so raw and deep …Each lives an imprint on her soul many many many days after you read one of her books.  I can’t tell you how much I love reading each one.  Powerful.  Emotional.  Real.

5 star read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Dancer” by Jamie Schlosser Review

“Every single part of my body recognized her as my other half.  My mind. My heart. Hell, even my dick.”

I have to admit, I thought I loved Travis in Trucker but now in walks Colton and talk about swwwwwooooooon.  OMG I FLOVE Colton.  There is just something about him that melts my heart and he became one of my most favorite book boyfriends.

Colton as child had an okay life.  He tried to enjoy life the best he could considering the circumstances and he best friend Ellie was his life–until she wasn’t anymore.   They made a vow to each other that fateful day they would stay in touch but as the days went the harder it was for Colton so he stopped–suddenly from responding to her letters and what not –not able to continue knowing he couldn’t do anything about changing what was.  Never did he expect his past to come tumbling back into his life like a wrecking ball fifteen years later.

Colton goes to relax one night because his world as he knows it is done.  He can’t perform.  That’s a rough piece of information for a man like him to absorb.  After the Dr hands him a bottle of Viagra and tells him it’s called “performance anxiety” he feels humiliated.  He wants a future and at this rate that will never happen but when he starts to finally come to terms with it and understand he may never have that type of life–He sees her and every thing in his body comes to live–it’s foreign after going months not being able to.  He knows he has to have her but upon seeing her he senses there is something vaguely familiar about her but he can’t place but that won’t stop him from being to get what he wants and that’s –HER.

Brielle aka Ellie is a cage dancer who is doing it to make ends meet.  She has a little girl at home depending on her but when she dances it’s for no one but herself.  She feels alive.  She can do this one thing for her.  No one touches her. She doesn’t take off her clothes she is the eye candy.  She feels desired. Feels sexy.  She feels him before she sees him and when she looks into those eyes she would know him anywhere–Colton.

I had no claim on Colton.  Not tonight and not fifteen years ago.  But for just one night I wanted to be selfish.

She wants him and she can see the desire in his eyes so she gives him one night. She knows him but he don’t recognize her.  Never did she realize that that was just the beginning for these two but there will come many obstacles they must face –all bringing along the past and what they had to endure.

Colton soon discovers who Brielle really is and it’s like a punch to the gut but one that excites him all in the same.  His Ellie.  She pushes as he pulls.  Ellie has her doubts when it comes to Colton.  She doesn’t feel deserving of him and gives Colton the test of his life.  Colton, I left her once–she feels I will do it again but I will prove her wrong.  He just doesn’t realize he is in the fight of his life –one that will bring more to his life than just his Ellie back.

“You don’t ever have to beg me, Ellie.  Don’t get me wrong-I like it when you do.”  He slid off his belt and tossed it to the side.  “But you never have to beg.  I’ll always be ready for you.”

Jamie completely outdone herself on Dancer.  Like I said in the beginning I thought I loved Travis in Trucker but Colton–no comparison.  He takes the icing on the cake.  Jamie writes with passion and from a depth where she wants readers to realize that her characters play a vital roll in the way the world is today.  Performance anxiety is an issue indeed and one that needs to be taken seriously but this story also shows us that when that right person comes along–everything falls in place.  I loved everything this story brought.  The passion. The camaraderie.  The love.  The humor.  The vulnerabilities.  The obstacles.  It is a soul gripping story that grabs you and will have you turning the pages faster than you can imagine wanting to know what happens next.  The development of the characters in Dancer was amazing making it feel like I was there and not just reading.

A 5 star read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“More Than A Memory” by Marie James Review

                                                                      “Home Run,” she insists

“A home run isn’t what I want from you, Liv.”

Wow!!  What a powerful but yet emotional ride.  There is something about a heartfelt, emotional read that tears every barrier down you have.  This book does just that– touches in in the most crucial organ of your body–THE HEART!!

Olivia is barely living.  Living in the shadows of the past. She is a broken soul who seems to think nothing in life now is meaningful.

Bryson is an arrogant cocky baseball player.  He is in desperate need of a place to crash and when he sees an apartment for rent with a room mate he jumps all on it–seeking out his sister since he can’t go over there due to practice.  Never thinking about his room mate being a girl–after his sister comes back and says the apartment is a perfect fit–just as messy as he is he thinks — PERFECT–but that all changes when he knocks on the door and everything he was told was so far from the truth.

Olivia refuses to accept she needs a room mate but after her mother insists on it or she will lose everything she gives in but when Bryson knocks on her door and introduces himself as Bryson Daniels, her new room mate she loses it.  She tries to do everything she can to get her mother to change her mind but nothing works and she must give in.  Olivia ensures Bryson knows all the rules up front and makes a vow she will not let any slide. But what she doesn’t realize is Bryson will forever change her life in more ways than she knows.

“Does He know your eyes follow every move I make?  Have you shared with him that you practically drool at the sight of me?  Is he aware that I get hard every time you lick your perfect f&#$ing lips?  Have you shared all that with him?”

After settling into what he thinks is a nightmare, Bryson can’t help but think of the beauty in the other room.  Her actions are weird.  Her words are vague and there is a mystery to her that he can’t ignore. He wants her and he knows she wants him too.  He can see it in her eyes and feel it in the air. But after coming home from a practice he overhears a conversation that truly changes his motives.  “I miss you so much.  Not as much as I miss you.”  He knows just how unavailable she is now but he isn’t one for competition unless it’s on the baseball field but this is one time he may just “bend his own rules” — Though it will heed every one of Olivia’s.  There is something about her he can’t quiet grasp and he can’t let that go. He goes on about trying to be her friend and get along with her but one moment –one day changes all that when he hears Duncan break her–shattering what was left.  He vows to be there for her no matter what–but when the truth comes out and he finds out who Duncan is and what happened– can he compete with someone that’s more than a memory?

Olivia isolates herself from everyone and the only interaction she has is with Bryson and her mother.  Her mother has done all she can and really thinks Olivia has lost it but Bryson doesn’t.  He sees the fire in her and he vows to be there but also vows to find out just what is going on.  After truths are revealed Bryson sees just how shattered she is and why in the beginning she wanted nothing to do with him and baseball but after time with her he starts to thaw at her frozen shell and finally bring the Liv he knows is there out.  He promises her she will never have to go through any more pain but things aren’t so easy and when everything is tested can they survive at all costs?

“Am I just a placeholder?  A surrogate because you can’t have the man you truly desire?”

Things get testy and heated between these two because Bryson wants to help Olivia but Olivia can’t seem to get over the past.  But things about Bryson’s past test what they have built and he feels like everything he has worked so hard to make happen is going to be a waste in the end.

“You are the only woman I see, the only woman I want to spend every waking hour with.  I don’t want you to doubt that.  I don’t want you to doubt me.  I’m here, Liv.”

Marie has out done herself with MTAM and I was at a loss of words after having read this story.  Olivia and Bryson’s story is troubled and emotional but the way they connect from the beginning shows just how powerful they can be and Marie gives us a journey through these two that have you melting in your panties and crying like a baby all at the same time.  This is a remarkable story about love and obstacles and how to fight for what you want but fight to save yourself.

A 5 star read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“Road To Nowhere” by M Robinson Review

                                                                                   My shame.

My remorse.

My guilt.

Couldn’t hold me up any longer.

This book– GAWWWWWWWD– I just can’t–

Not sure how to adequately describe what I am feeling.  I read a lot of books and every time I get a hold of one of M’s books she deviously ruins me from the inside out.  I say this because she is pure evil– lol– she will have your insides gutted in seconds to be mended back in the middle –to gut you all over again worse than you thought possible.

First we have Creed–

BROKEN.  RUTHLESS.  Creed only knows one life– RUTHLESS and MC (Motorcycle Club).  He has been molded since a very young age to take over for his father.  He doesn’t want this life but knows it’s his destiny and he has to do whatever it takes to take care of his mother and brothers.  But tragedy occurs leaving Creed completely broken in a way that you can’t imagine.  It’s then he turns to the MC and throws everything he has in it.  Nothing else matters.  Not after what happened.  He doesn’t deserve HAPPINESS– so he pushes everyone away–to protect them.  Second tragedy occurs and leaves him shattered.  He falls so far down that there is only one thing he can do and it can hopefully help him find himself because if he continues down this road– he will never up right himself again. He turns to the military in light that maybe just maybe he can find himself before he loses his soul.

Next we have Mia–  OH MIA MIA MIA MIA–what a spitfire you are.

Mia is the daughter of Lucas and Alex ( aka Bo and Half-Pint from Complicate Me,  The first book in the Good O’ Boys Series).  They only thought they had issues with Alex and Bo as a child….boy did that rub off on their daughter.  From the very young age of 9 Mia has had a connection with Creed Jameson.  They just connected.  She was a spitfire–acting all grown up in her young pint size body.  She acts way beyond her years that’s for sure–and this fire she has is one thing Creed first notices about the young girl–bringing smile after smile to his face regardless of the turmoil that’s his life.  Mia–wants to feel loved but in a different way then what her parents are giving her.  They are sheltering her and it just makes her want more–want what no one else will give her.  But Creed makes her feel BIG–

                                                                  “Don’t tell me what I can feel.”

Grabbing my hand, she places it over her racing heart.  “You do this to me every time I’m around you.  You’re the only person in my life who’s never made me feel like a child.”

Mia has loved Creed since the very young age of 9 but the past has a way of destroying Creed in a way that he pushes everyone aside.  His past demons have to be dealt with but Creed can’t seem to find a way to do that.  Creed and Mia bond through the years but when he takes off for the military it makes her question everything she thought.

                                                                         She was beautiful.

                                                                          So loving.

                                                                 So f&$%ing innocent.


                                                                     It was conflicting.

                                                                     It was a struggle.

                                                    It was the first war I was willing to lose.

Through his visits home he turns to trying to take care of his family- mother and brother but he seems to not be able to stay away from the young Mia–and it bothers him.  He feels like he has never felt before and the more time he is around her the more obvious it becomes to his heart.

                                              For f&%$’s sake, what are ya doin’ to me?”

                   I whispered, resting my forehead on hers, looking down at her swollen lips.

But no matter the connection these two have Creed keeps pushing her away because he knows she deserves so much more.  She doesn’t deserve to have to live in the hell that he has and it will only bring her down and no one should have to live like that.

You’ve said enough….Can’t you see…are you that blind…my heart is bleeding for you, Creed….You might have hurt me right now, but when you’re ready to admit it I won’t be there anymore.”


I should have stopped her.  I should have told her no.  I should have done something, anything….  Except allow her to break the distance between us.

Mia can’t handle it. She can’t handle the pushing away–all it is doing is ultimately destroying her so through the years she does what she does best.  SURF and school.  She tries to move on by handing out with friends and finally when she let’s go and lives things go from bad to worse.  In a moment of weakness where she wants to be like everyone else….her life is forever changed and this time it could very well destroy any last hope of a possible life with the one man she can’t seem to forget—–CREED JAMESON.

M has a way with words that will have you broken and shattered.  Feel loved and hopeful.  Feel soul shattering emotions that these characters go through.  Every book is this way but each has a distinct thing about them that will leave imprints in your heart forever.  RTN is by far my favorite of her books.  This book is nerve racking.  This book is deeply emotional.  This book is deep in context and knowledge of life in the MC world.  This book is heart gripping that will have you panties melting but more so have your heart stopping with every turn.  Extremely developed characters cause all this and M— you have completely outdone yourself with RTN.

A 5 STAR READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!